My Personality and my attitude

“Do not get confused between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I AM, and my attitude of who YOU are“. Read these lines today morning and ever since, have been thinking about the truth behind the words.

There are times when I think there are multiple people inside the single me. But, does not everyone have different facets to their personality? Or may be they do not.

Today was one such day, when I realized again that I have many “different me’s inside myself”. I was a different person at different points of time during the day; this was a result of different attitudes of the people I interacted with.

Morning was spent interacting with a young university intern, and I was back to my university days, trying to understand and learn new things. It was intellectually stimulating to feel like a student once again. I love learning new things, it gives me an immense high. It keeps me alive. I hope to remain unpretentious and wide-eyed always, and be enthused about new learnings. After all, is it not the best way to remain eternally youthful? Not convinced? You must not have heard of Zohra Sehgal. She completes a century today, and does not apparently look a day older than 70. Her wit and zest for life inspires me for sure.

Twilight saw me in a different avatar. I was the dreamer then. Thanks to a dear friend dropping by, twilight was spent listening to the raindrops falling against the window-pane, drinking steaming hot filter coffee from disposable plastic cups, listening to Sufi-inspired music, feeling the rain-kissed cool breeze against my face and just being with nature.  The romantic and the dreamer in me came to the fore, again due to my interaction with my friend. It prompted me to pen down this post.

So the next time some one tells you, ” Oh, I have known you for years,but, I was not aware of this aspect of yours, you can tell them the highlighted quote”!


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One Response to My Personality and my attitude

  1. madammommy says:

    Beautifully written post. Waiting for more.

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