Farewell Sex

Huh? Farewell Sex? Now what’s that? Had never heard of the term till yesterday. The only image the romantic part of me could conjure up, was making love ( read, I do not use the term sex, they have different connotations as far as I am concerned) before say a partner leaves for a journey. Almost akin to kissing adieu.  But alas, that is not what the term is referring to;my romantic imagination was way off the mark.

Before I explain, what the term means, just let me know what you think, if this you knew would happen with you. You have just passed away, died to be more precise, and your partner decides to have sex with you. Yes, you read that correct. Have sex with you, post you died.  I cannot even imagine to explain, the sense of abhor which wells up inside me at the thought. My first thought was, Ha! that’s an aberrance and my partner is sure to be shunted in an asylum post that. Not, so if you happen to be in Egypt in the near future, because necrophilia ( sex with a dead person) may soon become lawful and legal.  You must be thinking I lost my bearings completely to be even saying something like this. Well, not yet. My first reaction when I was made aware of this news item by a friend, was complete disbelief. I wanted to be sure that this was not some kind of a troll. I mean, all these years I have known necrophilia to be a sexual fetish, which is not looked up to, too kindly ( that’s really putting it mildly).

Through my limited understanding of other religions, I can say that this amounts to desecration of the dead. How can this then possibly be made legal?

If you are one of those like me who are wondering, why the Egyptian parliament is trying to propose such a law at all, well, it all happens to be due to a Moroccan cleric’s view that marriage remains valid, even after the partners death. So the normal conclusion to that is, then sex post marriage is also possible! Conjugal rights remain, don’t you see? The news understandably has created a national furore in Egypt, as well as overseas.

One hopes that Egypt the land of the pyramids and pharaohs, should not, ever in future be ignominiously  known as the land of lawful necrophilia.


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4 Responses to Farewell Sex

  1. owen says:

    As much as civilization started in Egypt it seems it departed from that land ages ago.coz this is not funny but crazy…….I cannot comprehend the law leave alone the action.Very lost.

  2. Raunak says:

    Trust the land of Cleopatra to come up with weird stuff. Actually, I wouldn’t mind them passing that law.It would be nice to see it from an outsider’s point of view 🙂

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