The 3rd of March 2012

The first Thursday, of the first week, of the month of May, turned out very special for me. Spent a good part of the day doing a lot of things, which I had not done in a long long time. If you are wondering what they were, well: ate Mac Donald McSpicy burgers, fried-just-right, but way-too-salted French fries and drank a tall glass of chilled coke (I abhor these sweetened drinks and burgers, just not my kind of food), watched The Avengers, the American superhero film (again not my kind of movie) and finished off the outing by getting a bucket of some lip-smacking Cappuccino Truffle from Häagen-Dazs (this I love).  The Mc meal was fun, since we do this very rarely: thankfully my son does not ask me for them too often.


Because my parenting style is perhaps a little conservative, I am still not open to letting my eleven year old go to the mall with his friends for a movie and meal on their own.  The rule of thumb is, there has to be a parent-figure around.

It so happened that most of his friends were busy with other activities, and I decided to make it a mommy-son day out on the spur. I am so glad, I did.

While watching the movie, I was pleasantly surprised when my pre-teenager checked at regular intervals asking me, “ Ma, are you enjoying the movie? Not getting bored, I hope?” I found it sweet, and was touched. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the movie a lot. I was sucked in the world of Nick Fury and his organization S.H.I.E.L.D.  I wanted the team Avengers, comprising of Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, and Captain America to win the evil way against Thor’s brother Loki from destroying Earth.  Sacarlett Johansson as the Russian spy Natasha was absolutely kick-ass. I could hear numerous young adults watching the movie, rooting for her and letting out “oooohhhs”, while watching the stunts.

Post the movie, we had an animated discussion about which character we liked and why. It gave me a glimpse into his imaginative world, which in a regular usual conversation is so hard to imagine.

I know it is a matter of time, when he will not find it cool to be seen hanging out with his mother for a lunch and movie.  It is then I will re-visit the post again, and re-live the joyous memories of today.  Till then, I hope to garb more such moments and days with my child who is fast growing up and creating a world of his own.



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5 Responses to The 3rd of March 2012

  1. madammommy says:

    These are cherished moments indeed! Had a similar experience when watched Hunger Games with my 12 year old!! I loved going to movies with my mom when I was in college and even now! Is that too much to ask for:)?

  2. nishi01 says:

    Thank you for reading…and yes, it was such a special day. We women always cherish to continue doing so, but do these little boys do when they grow up?

  3. Paps says:

    Wow nishi…..wat a wonderful n sweet tead…..touched my heart …..cherish these memories as long as u can….they are precious indeed….i luv to do it so much with my 6 yrs old ….n njoy lots whn we go for a mom-daughter’s day out….and trust me….still luv to watch a movie with my mom when she is around :))))

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