A day in Bangkok

We spent a day in Bangkok, post returning from Hua Hin. Though, it was not my first visit to the Thai capital, I was still enthralled to visit it once again.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, the city has much more to offer than just glitzy upmarket malls, or the sex-destination, which it is infamously popular for. Bangkok is rich with Thai history and culture.  In fact, I would go as far as to say that if one wants to do justice to all that the city and its surroundings has to offer, then at least a week should be kept aside.

Since on my earlier visit to Bangkok, I had visited the WATs (as the temples in Thailand are known as), the night market and even Chatuchak  or Jatujak (the crafts bazar, where one can get different varieties of exquisite wood and mirror-encrusted hand-crafted products), I wanted to do something different this time.


Thai Handmade mirror-encrusted wooden art piece, available @ Chatuchak


Since my last visit to Bangkok, was with my little child in tow, I was unable to discover the sleazy delights of the famous, or rather infamous PatpongJ Since this time, the kid was safely parked at home, decided to explore Patpong.

Patpong is an experience, not a pleasant one necessarily; well it was not for me.  Though, the way it was teeming with international tourists, one could gauge how immensely well liked it was.  The place is popular for its go-go bars offering various different kinds of sex-entertainment and the night market, which is teeming with fakes of all possible International high-street brands.  A place where one can get completely ripped, so remember to keep a watch on your monies.

Thai Silk

Haven seen the seamier side of the city, the next day we decided to explore and know more about the handmade natural weaves which Bangkok is famous for. If you have the time, you can get a suit or a dress tailored to your specifications and at half the cost at which it is retaliated at high-end stores and delivered to you at your place of stay.


Since, time was limited and we had a flight to catch in the evening, we decided to explore the Jim Thomson store nearby.  If you are wondering Jim who, well, he was an American businessman who revived the Thai silk industry single handedly.  So, if one is looking for something in Thai silk, this is one of the must-stops.  We were very keen to visit the designer’s home, which is a huge tourist attraction, thanks to the fact that Jim Thompson mysteriously disappeared in the late 1960’s and was never found post that.  The indigenous silk industry, which he revived, still thrives today, but his remains have not been found till date.

There was so much more left to explore in Bangkok city, including places like the Tiger temple, River Kwai (where the famous death-bridge was built during word war II by British prisoners of war) which can be done as day trips.  Hope to be back some day, to complete my unfinished explorations.


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2 Responses to A day in Bangkok

  1. Awesome! Felt like a virtual journey throughout the reading process! Great snaps too! (Especially the mirror encrusted art piece – it’s stunning!)

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