Delhi in A Day …watch it!


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Prashant Nair’s debut movie ‘Delhi in A Day’ is a must watch, especially for those cinemagoers who like movies which are different and do not pander to the usual song-dance-romance routine. A dark comedy, it makes one laugh and squirm. Oh, yes, you read that right, squirm. No matter who you are, if you happen to be some one of Indian-origin, and more so, Indian, you will be able to identify with some, if not all of the behavior patterns depicted by the lead actors, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Lillete Dubey.

Oh, when I say dark, never for a moment do I mean it is boring or repressive in any way. It is a fun, short movie, which tackles a social issue with the right dose of empathy and humor. Worth a watch, I tell you. Frankly I am unsure as to how the nouveau rich Punjabi’s are going to react to the movie, it may be too close for comfort you see. But, the movie depicts an unfortunate pan-Indian behavior, more prevalent perhaps in the northern parts of the country, than say the Southern parts of the country.

Watch it for: The storyline of course, it is different. Lee Williams is very easy on the eyes (he is a former Calvin Klein model after all) and fits well into the role of Jasper, the principled son of an essential British business associate, looking forward to the spiritual and ethereal India.

Lillete Dubey as the loud, slightly over-the-top rich Punjabi Mrs., is perfect. I wanted to wring her neck in the end; so convincing was she in the role she portrayed! Victor Banerjee, as the ageing patriarch is a treat as always. Last but not the least, newbie Anjali Patil, as Rohini, the young maidservant in the Punjabi household, is someone to look out for. The camera seems to have been in love with her. With her exotic SmitaPatil/ Chitrangada Singh-type looks, this NSD graduate is sure to go places.

Blahs: Nothing really, except that there are numerous shades of grey in everyday life interactions. Life in India truly is not so black and white. As Victor Banerjee profoundly tells Jasper (Lee Williams), who seems to be overwhelmed and tad disappointed with the India he sees, “There are various India’s, and different Indians to baffle a searching mind”.

Delhi in A Day is only on at PVR theaters; it is after all a part of the PVR Director’s Rare segment. Go watch this entertaining movie which conveys a very clear, strong message, but in a fun-filled way.





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2 Responses to Delhi in A Day …watch it!

  1. madammommy says:

    Sounds interesting. Lillette Dubey is a wonderful actor, she was phonemenal in Monsoon Wedding, I thought. Would love to watch this one. Great review.

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