Mirror Fast



A recent article, about a new trending phenomenon called ‘mirror fast’, took me back to my growing up years. I clearly remember, my mother actively having discouraged me to look into the mirror, unless and until it was absolutely necessary. Lingering on and getting dressed and preening in front of the mirror, even when I got into my teens elicited a lot of disapproval. If caught lingering, invariably I was subjected to how this was a waste of time, and, what were the other more worthwhile activities I could indulge in; life she said was not just about how one looked.

So, while I did not really mirror-fast (as the term suggests, not look into the mirror or any polished reflecting surface at all), my time with the mirror was always very limited and brief.

My mother’s long lectures and her clear censure, obviously irritated me, especially in my growing up years, but, the good part of it was I never got into the habit of checking up on my appearance more than once-a-day-in-the-mirror way into my adulthood years. I still don’t. I check the mirror only in the morning, and then I like what I see, I feel and look fresh; a happy start to my day.

Now, when I look back, I am so glad my mom, was the way she was; I have varied interests, a lot of mind space, confident, and do not get swayed by marketers trying to push the latest magic potion/ cream which promises eternal youth.

We live in an age, where our self worth is measured by the way we dress up and look. It is irritating to see women, and even men check out their appearance at every available opportunity.  They seem so anxious.  So while a complete mirror-less existence, i.e. a mirror fast may work for some, I would say, just like anything else in life, don’t go overboard, a quick look before you begin the day, and get done with it!

You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul. George Bernard Shaw.


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