Glimpses of Bangalore

Still resplendent; a beautiful vintage home

Bangalore or Bengalooru as it is known now, has been home for quite a few years now. A sleepy old pensioners paradise, which was more a retirees gateway than a place for the young yuppies, saw it fortunes change ever since Texas Instruments decided to set up its back office in Bangalore way back in 1985.

Any guesses of how the company transferred all the equipment? Well, it is a part of corporate folklore now, everything from satellite dish to servers, was transported on hold your breath…on bullock carts! Glad they did, and the sleepy town woke up, to be known as the Silicon Valley of India. Fortunes for Bangalore obviously changed, and thus professionals of various hues, but mostly the technology professionals, came here and set up home in droves.

Clogged streets at peak times

I have seen the beautiful hill-station change in the years that I have been here: not always necessarily for the better. Numerous old-vintage houses have been demolished, and steel-and-glass monsters have been constructed, traffic is horrendous, and with its fast vanishing green cover, one keeps wondering if Bangalore of the yore will just remain a beautiful memory captured in black and white prints of yore.

Steel and glass …the more young Bangalore

Oh don’t get me wrong, while I am happy that most of the international brands have their presence here, one just wishes, that the old-and-beautiful could stay in juxtaposition with the new-and-yuppie. Is that too much to ask for? Looks like it is not, because even now one gets to feel the old and the beautiful…yes, there is hope for Bangalore, the city that I call home now.

Vintage Bangalore in the midst of greenery, right in the heart-of-the-city.





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