What is it that I liked about 50 Shades of Grey?

Before I immerse myself in my next read, which is Jeet Thayil’s Nacropolis (currently on the Man Booker shortlist), I thought I must put down my musings, as to why I liked reading EL James, 50 Shades of Grey. If you are wondering, why I ‘must ‘ do so, well, it so happens that I had promised a few friends, I would. So, here I am, keeping my word.

My reasons for liking the book, 50 Shades Of Grey are listed as follows:

I was hooked onto it, because I had never read a mainstream BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) romance. Whoa! The word ‘vanila’ was no longer about just an ice-cream flavor, but a sexual choice too! And to think all this while I did not know.  So here was the novelty factor –(Reason 1)

To be truthful, I was unable to comprehend, why an educated, socially well-adjusted-girl, in this case, Anastasia (Ana for short) was willing to continue, in what appeared to me a very abusive and hurtful relationship, with Christian Grey. I was intrigued to know why –(Reason 2).

By the time one was into Book 2 (Fifty Shades Darker), the hero, i.e Christian Grey had almost completely given up on his old lifestyle (of indulging in BDSM), and promised his ladylove, Ana, commitment and care, and vanilla-sex only! It was evident, while reading through the book, that Ana was hopelessly in love with Christian and truly believed that she could make him ‘come out of the dark’ and ‘see light’. In other words, Ana wanted to assist the man she loved, in exorcising his personal demons, so that they would be able to share a happy and wholesome future together. Now, this aspect of the story immensely appealed to me, after all, is this not what love is all about? Love is, to stand by your mate, to believe in him/her, and be the shoulder to lean on in troubled times. This story for me was almost akin to the Beauty (Ana) and the Beast (Christian Grey).Reason 3

Reason 4, the last reason; By the time I finished book 3 (50 Shades Freed), Christian Grey was a changed man (all in a good way) and he had found his peace. Guess, whom he attributed all this to? It was attributed to his ladylove, Ana. Sigh.., now, if this is not appreciation and love, what is?

There is no denying the language could have been better, but hey, it was conversational, which was ok. And yes, the sex could have been less, but then again, may be the author was just trying to put across as to the kind of relationship Ana was in?  Whatever it is, my above four reasons, were enough to make me read up right till the very end!

Does not the famous quote on love say, ‘love as if there is no tomorrow?’ Oh, well, that is what Ana did! And that is what appealed to me the most!


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13 Responses to What is it that I liked about 50 Shades of Grey?

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    I wrote a funny editorial on this book. I honestly see why people like it but at the same time I see why people don’t.


  2. dietriotgirl says:

    I read all three while shaking my head asking myself two things “how was this published” and ” why I am still reading this”. Yet, i read all three for one reason….I wanted to know what would happen. There is a good story here, really good actually. I actually believe the movie will bring this story to life properly. But, between the poor editing, poor dialogue, lack of story telling ability , lack of character development and lack of true depiction of a bdsm…it was just a tortuous read. It wasn’t that the sex scenes were bad…it was just poorly written and devolved and failed to reach the level erotic writing should be.

    But, the underlying story is sound. Sure, you can tell this started as a twilight fan fiction, but even withstanding that little fiasco , the story is still engaging and promising. So, I read all three novels.

    • nishi01 says:

      :), yes, you echo my sentiments, there were times I thought, how did this get published, but found the story to be engaging. It certainly could have been shortened, but I guess James has no complaints, since all three are doing well.! Much appreciate, sharing your thoughts, dietriotgirl.

    • tfaswift says:

      I haven’t read it and probably won’t since I’ve heard pretty much the whole story from other people talking about it, but it sounds like a sexed-up old-fashioned fairy tale with the classic theme of good versus evil. The good versus evil theme has appealed to people worldwide since the beginning of story-telling, so that could be why – despite poor writing or too much graphic sex or whatever – people keep turning the pages. From the fiction I’ve read, the ones which I remember the most are the ones where good does *not* triumph over evil. Sad endings. You read the last page and it’s like … what? This can’t be right! It’s not fair! Thomas Hardy. I think he liked to make his readers suffer.

  3. Moumita Basu says:

    Hi Nishi, Good one. I am on my third book now, or will be, once I finsh the Mary Higgins Clark I am reading.

  4. Dilemma of the modern Indian woman! says:

    I read the trilogy and I quite loved it! I know the young Indian woman is not supposed to love such books but what the heck! 😉 Even with all the controversy, sex, not-so-good reviews by literature gurus, I loved it!

  5. abeautybag says:

    ha ha love it! – maybe a different type of 50 shades of grey will be better … http://abeautybag.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/50-shades-of-grey-the-stuff-that-really-makes-you-happy/

    :o) x

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