If it is masala tea your heart craves, then try some at Chaipatty Tea Café, Bangalore

Chicken momos with some hot sauce and Kullad masala Chai

Even though, personally I like lightly brewed Darjeeling tea, preferably black, sans any milk and sugar, there are days when I wish for some Masala Tea or ‘Chai’ (as it is commonly known across India).  Such a dichotomy in tastes, but that’s how I am 🙂

Though Chaipatty Tea Café serves numerous different varieties of teas, including Lemon tea, Black Tea, Mint Tea, and even Green Sencha, my personal favorite is the tea they serve in the traditional clay ‘Kullads’.

If you are wondering what on earth is a Kullad? Well, they are clay cups, which enhance the flavor of the masala tea (at least that is what I personally think, and a lot of Kullad chai lovers would agree on that).

Kullad masala Chai

The clay kullads have unique artwork done on them and no, they are different from the ones, which you ‘may’ perhaps spot in roadside stalls.  Why may? Oh, well, most prefer paper cups or worse plastic cups at even the roadside stalls. So, these clay cups or even the mud cups are not such a common sight anymore.

Spot the artwork on the Kullad? And of course you cannot miss the fried spinach fritters!

Is it just the chai I like at Chaipatty? No, it is really the lazy ambience (low seating with comfortable bolsters, floor mats; you can literally put up your feetJ, and the friendly, non-obtrusive, yet wide-smiled service, which is the USP. Oh, and in case you are having hunger pangs, they do offer small eats like Maggi (an very Indian non-fussy noodle preparation and a bachelor favorite), vegetable pakoras (fried vegetable fritters; love the palak pakoras), sandwiches (salami sandwich is my personal favorite), pasta, omlettes, and yes salads too (health freaks, yes, do not worry at all!).

On my wish list is piping hot Kullad Chai with pakoras on a rainy day. Bliss. Never done that? You must. The rains will never be the same again!

The photography corner, with updates about the upcoming events

There is always a cultural buzz for the next activity on the cards at Chaipatty.  In fact it was on one such meet, that I happened to discover Chaipatty. When I had visited them last, I spotted information about the upcoming events like photography, salsa and pottery classes. So as you can see, a lot can happen over a hot cuppa of chai! 🙂

Find yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you.  Now tell me about hundreds of things – Saki (Hector Hugh Munro)


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5 Responses to If it is masala tea your heart craves, then try some at Chaipatty Tea Café, Bangalore

  1. Next time am in Bangalore, Nishi lets book a corner..:)

  2. Lovely 🙂
    But I want the right company as well, the tingling in my spine does not come from my taste buds. The taste buds enhance the tingling, not evoke it :))

  3. my 2 Blore visits were pretty short and work related…next time I will definitely visit here.. pics make it look irresistible!

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