Being Judgmental

In this age of instant likes and connections happening at the click of a button, are we not, too quick to call a person a friend? Aren’t’ we being judgmental? The term judgmental has a negative feeling to it, hence, most would say, “No, that’s not being judgmental at all, since I regard a relative stranger as a friend.” While, it is great to regard a relative stranger as a friend, it is always wise to take it slowly, especially regarding personal views or personal information.

The latest Hindi Bollywood movie, English Vinglish, which I watched recently seemed to drive home the point, that we need to be stop being judgmental, whether in a negative way or in a positive way. Now, what is being positively judgmental? That is when we presume that the persona we apparently see or rather is shown is the real persona. Since the positive judgment makes the recipient happy, and you in turn, one continues to live in happy oblivion.

Just as in real life, we mostly do not invite a stranger or an acquaintance to our bedroom or even come and have a cuppa with us at home (now, if you are out a bar, drunk too much and have invited someone in to spend the night with, that is obviously risky behavior), why do we not follow the same analogy online? Is it because it seems safer, and all seems prettier online?

While there is no doubt that one meets some wonderful people online, wherein the connection is very palpable, but, my experience has taught me, (and something similar another friend had), that you will do yourself a world of good, by taking time to arrive at any judgment, good or bad.  It is great to believe that the world out there is a beautiful wonderful place, and indeed it is, but at the same time it helps to keep your eyes open.

Found the words, which I read recently to be very apt…

Remember, people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. You may have a heart of gold — but so does a hard-boiled egg.


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3 Responses to Being Judgmental

  1. Moumita Basu says:

    Yes, Nishi01, that is absolutely correct. Contrary to what others say, I always feel it pays to keep a distance with a person until, let’s put it this way, he/she proves that he/she is a friend.

  2. dba says:

    Well Said…. I agree with you….

  3. madammommy says:

    Hahahaha, liked the quote about the heart of gold. Yes, I completely agree. We are quick to call someone a friend in this day and age. Take it slow, I say….

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