Finding joy

Bringing joy just by blooming; find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Aha! Now where does one find joy? I unexpectedly experienced the purity of the emotion, when I suddenly spotted the roses blooming in my small terrace garden. Oh! But how come I had missed them earlier..? That is because they were hidden behind an overgrowth of rose-leaves. Quite some time back I had planted a rose creeper in my small little green patch, with the hope that it would form a pretty trellis around my verandah. The sight of these blooms filled my heart with an immense sense of joy and hope, and seemed to renew my faith in the thought, that yes, life is beautiful. I found joy when I was least expecting it, so much like life!

Now, for those who garden on a regular basis would know that rose creepers are slow growers, unlike say a lot of other flowering creepers. My creeper taught me an important lesson in patience. I would look it up, now and then, and feel disappointed at the pace of growth. Most of the times, I would be disappointed not to see bunches of blooming roses that I was so expecting.  No wonder they say, expectations kill joy.

It was in one of those moments when I was just alone with myself, and enjoying my own company and solitude, that I spotted the blooming roses. They were in full bloom, when I spotted them. Obviously, I had missed them earlier; no surprises for guessing why; my mind was too pre-occupied.

Sometimes the excessive stimulation of our senses via too many conversations, readings or activities, just jades our perceptions, rather than enhances it.  

My learning from my blossoming roses; take some time out everyday to feel my own breath, listen to my own thoughts and savor my feelings.

Someone has wisely said, ‘It is the most ordinary things, that create our extraordinary moments everyday.’

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17 Responses to Finding joy

  1. I am so in tune with you on this, joy is what you perceive with every little thing around you. I often smile while driving the same route I do everyday, my kids used to ask before, now they know I must have seen a wild flower, a squirrel or may be just strange from of cloud. Nishi joy is elation of the let there be joy in everything and people rise above the feeling of ‘why did you not’…you piece is almost me speaking…:)

  2. arunima das says:

    Oh so true! We must give ourselves the time to stop and just stare… You have expressed this so well.

    • nishi01 says:

      Hey thanks re Arunima for dropping by. Yes, we so forget to stop and stare most of the times, esp for those of us whole live in the midst of a bustling city

  3. dietriotgirl says:

    lovely! A nice reminder to “stop and smell the roses”. It makes you wonder how many happy and joyful opportunities passed me up while I was too busy being consumed with “reality” or negativity or just being oblivious. This was a nice reality to check to pay attention to the world, the small things around us.

  4. madammommy says:

    Little things in life…brings so much happiness.

  5. Rupa Raj says:

    So very true…we must learn to stop, look, appreciate & enjoy the sweet & simple things, for one day we may look back & realize that those were the big things, after all & which made life worth living……lovely read, Nishi.

  6. Thanks for the “Likes”. Loved this post. The smell and colour of a blossoming rose are an embellishment of life.

    • nishi01 says:

      Thank you manningtreearchive for dropping by to read. I would agree with the color of roses, but the smell…sigh, one hardly gets to smell them ..except the wilder variety.

  7. Unfortunately what you said is the truth. However, we can still be happy that fragrance will remain in the hand that gives the rose.

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  9. I have nominated you for the One Lovely blog award 🙂

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