Rustling up dinner in minutes!

Fresh juicy pomegranate seeds, home-made yogurt, raisins, muesli and some nuts for good measure.

Today was one of those days when I was in the mood for eating something which had a touch of sweetness, a dash of sour, some nutty elements and had a lot of crunchiness.

Rustling up a quick, filling dinner was never so much fun. I was in a mood to experiment with flavors. So, what did I do? I de-seeded a medium sized pomegranate, and mixed it with some home-made-fresh flavorless yogurt. To add a little more texture to the food, I added some thinly sliced nuts, a few juicy raisins and some muesli for the crunchy feel. Mixed it up well in a gleaming white bowl, and my dinner was ready!

One spoon in my mouth, and I could taste the riot of different flavors; the fruity sweet pomegranate, the sour yogurt, the nutty nut, the cloying sweetness of raisins.

Ever tried this? Try it! As Dr. Seuss would have said, Try it, Try it, and You May! 

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2 Responses to Rustling up dinner in minutes!

  1. That looks fantastic! I had Bavarian dark chocolate dipped pretzels for lunch, but your dinner looks so much better.

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