Thank you? What’s so great about saying Thank You?

Culturally in India, we do not have the habit of saying thank you. As a child one is not taught that really. Or should I say, it was not taught when I was growing up. Now, of course, I see parents egging their kids on to say ‘thank you’; this is again from those set of parents, who would like their children to become global citizens and would not like their children to be perceived as uncouth.

So how does one say thank you in India, traditionally? O one does not. It is more in the form of gestures that one conveys the appreciation. What gestures? Well a smile, a hug, or some other understated expression. While gestures are great and hold a lot of appeal, at a personal level, I believe there is truly nothing more special than vocalizing your feelings.

Even I have learnt to vocalize my appreciation over the years, it has not come overnight to me, since one is traditionally not taught the art of openly being appreciative. So now that I am, has it changed my life in any way? Oh yes, it has, in a very positive way. I especially love to see the smile light up the face, when I vocalize my appreciation.

I overcame my initial shyness, when I would thank my husband for gestures made; be it getting me a glass of water or taking the family out for a meal. But, I realized, in spite of having been brought up with similar traditional values like me (as in no need to say thanks to people who one is very close to), he loved the vocalization of appreciation too. Guess, what the best thing that is happened out of this? My little boy has learnt this part of behavior. Vocalization of appreciation comes very naturally to him. I have often got calls from his friends mothers; post a play date, of what a courteous and appreciative boy he is!

In most cases I have seen, this simple little gesture, of saying thank you, is very warmly welcomed. The happiest, I have seen are the customer service staff and retail professionals at any mall.

This was the first year, in so many years, that we especially went out for a Thanksgiving Dinner with the family. Why was it special? We took time out as a family to be out together in the middle of a hectic weekday (because unlike the US, there are no Thanksgiving holidays in India).

Do you know what was the best part about the Thanksgiving meal? I asked my pre-teenager, what is it that you are thankful about? He said, ‘my family, is what I am thankful about’.

As some one has rightly said..

To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.



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11 Responses to Thank you? What’s so great about saying Thank You?

  1. amritaspeaks says:

    Lovely post Nishi. You are so right that in our culture we are not taught to be vocal about our appreciation but thankfully we are teaching the next generation to be so. A simple thank you makes such a big difference to our social interactions. through thank you we can teach our children respect for others. Like you have written, my husband and I also say thanks to each other for a glass of water or a cuppa, initially my parents found it pretty strange since in their marriage of 50 years they have never said thank you to each other. But I see the change now. they always make it a point to say thanks to us for small gestures.

    • nishi01 says:

      Thanks Amritaspeaks for stopping by. Yes, I completely get when you say, parents or other elders find it strange, when you thank your husband. But, I am past that now….since i am convinced that appreciation and acknowledgment are very imp.

  2. As always, your thoughts and post were just lovely, you write so incredibly well. And your blog is pretty and it makes me want to redo my own. I’m from the south, so as a very young child, we are taught to say “thank you.” As an adult, I find that people are endeared when you say “I appreciate it,” they get the widest smile, and some almost blush when you say it.

  3. reshamblr says:

    Beautiful post Nishi. I used to believe in ” No sorry, no thank you in friendship”…and found it to be an extension of public display of affection and emotion, which I am still not very comfortable with. But with time, have learnt that a genuine thank you do lift up your spirits and make you feel happy; so does a heartfelt sorry. Thank you for a lovely post 🙂

    • nishi01 says:

      Thanks so much Reshmi for reading. :), I hear what you say, but have never agreed to the no sorry, no thank you thing…but then that has always been my personal take. Have got a lot of flak for it too!

  4. dietriotgirl says:

    What i liked most about this post, is sometimes we take for granted out loved ones and family. Sometimes it doesnt occur to us to say thank you to them for everyday little things. Like even cooking dinner that night. It’s expected and an everyday thing. But, its nice to be thanked and like you said , hear the appreciation for it.

    • nishi01 says:

      Absolutely dietriotgirl…and that’s precisely my point in this post. Why does one have to wit for something big or stupendous to happen to thank…, a dinner cooked, a glass of water given..etc all involve effort and time. I for one, remain extremely thankful for the gestures. Muchas Gracias for stopping by and sharing your pov.

  5. Superbly written! I admire the way you write, it is very grasping.. once i start reading, i cant stop till the post ends!!

    and pat your boy on his shoulder from my side 🙂

  6. Hi nishi01, I came from your liking my posts. (And with new understanding of this expression, thank you.)

    This blog post really touched my heart. And I got teary with the last quote you’ve included. To live it is to touch heaven… So very true. Yet so easily forgotten. I must say, I truly feel a difference deep in my heart when I am living the expression as I say it, as I enact it. Sometimes I fall apart and away from living it, and it becomes just another expression overused in my vocabulary that I fill in to make gaps and still emotions look brighter. But when it all comes together deep in the heart and soul, and I feel it brightening my spirit as I realize each of the joy the things I’m grateful for are bringing into my life that I naturally want to be grateful and convey it, it truly is something else in emotional realm.

    Thank you for this beautiful piece of thoughts nishi.

    • nishi01 says:

      Thank you Sha for coming by and reading and sharing your thoughts. In complete agreement with you here, when you say, that I personally feel a lightening of spirit, when one truly feels thankful.

      Warm regards,

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