12.12.12 ; Are you doing anything special?

12.12.12, the date looks beautiful in its synchronized state. Does it not? It does to me! For me the liking of this date is similar to why one likes synchronized swimming; a special favorite feature of mine during the Olympic telecast.

The date 12.12.12 is the last such in this century. One would need to wait for the next 100 years to see any such synchronized dates. There are really two ways of looking at this date, either say…”Oh well, what’s so great about it, It is just another date!” Or one can relish the date, and may be do something fun to keep a happy memory of the day.

A friend is celebrating her 16th anniversary, which happens to fall on this date, with a small celebration with close family and friends. To commemorate the date, she has penned a poem and her son has hand-printed the cards for the guests.  An event, which I am sure, will remain as a beautiful happy memory; especially the hand made card by the young boy for his parents and close set of invitees.

What am I doing to make this day special? Or what have I done, till now to make this day a wee bit more special than just another day? For a change, within my workday, I have read some poetry of my favorite poet, Gulzar. Workday never seemed so relaxed. All the medical, scientific journals I need to read with regard to work did not seem so tiring at all!

Gulzar's poetry..is what kept me company through out the day. My way of making the day 12.12.12 special.

Gulzar’s poetry..is what kept me company through out the day. My way of making the day 12.12.12 special.

It made me wonder, why wait for a special dated day, why don’t I do this everyday? Well, if not everyday, I hope to read more of the poet, and keep my mind stimulated and refreshed like this. This dated day, has brought in a simple learning for me!

Nothing is permanent; not a single day. Not even a date like 12.12.12. It is transient. So enjoy it to the fullest, for everything comes with an expiry date.  One can make every day special, but it does not happen in reality right?  As the poet Gulzar says… ( effect on me reading him the entire day) ….

“ Woh joh ek miyaad thi na’

istemaal ki, who guzar chuki,

dawaa ki shishiyon pe likhi jaati hai us liye.

Miyaad baad estemaal karne se, dawaainyaan bhee baasee hone lagte hain,

phir koi elaaj kar nahee paatein.

Phir bhee, tark na karne pe, zehar hone lagte hain,

Woh joh ek miyaad thee na, istemaal ki, guzar chuki hai”.

In case you would like to listen to Gulzar, rendering the lines above in his sonorous voice, click on the link below:

Translating in English for the non-Hindustani readers (since the poem above is in chaste Hindustani)

‘The time has gone by ( miyaad) for relishing it, using it.

That is why, even medicine bottles have an expiry date written on it. If one uses post the expiry date, then even the medicine in the bottle offers no relief.

And if one waits, for a longer time, then the same medicine can become poison.

The time has gone by, for relishing it, using it.”

Whether it is 12.12.12 or 13.12.12, grab it, and make the most of your day, otherwise as the poet Gulzar says the time will expire away. Everything comes with an expiry date after all, be it a bottle of medicine or time. 

I made 12.12.12 special by reading through Gulzar’s poetry. How did you make your day special today?


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