Facebook? Ummm….naah

Facebook; I was introduced to the charm of this platform rather late, but I was quite taken in with it for some time. Unfortunately, the platform seems to have lost its attractiveness for me.

I have tried to understand why this has been so ( there is no need really, but well I am just mulling over)…

One of my major realizations was that the more time I spent on the platform, the more my time spent reading dwindled. I suddenly realized this, when I noticed that I had stopped reading a full-length book for some time, and I was more into short stories and articles. I missed the intellectual stimulation. At Facebook, unfortunately I could not find much to stimulate me.

The second pitfall, my creative blog writing lessened greatly. My time was limited. I could either be on Facebook, or I could spend my time reading and writing.

Also, if I wanted to be a role-model parent, I could not be for long hours on Facebook, and expect my pre-teenager not to hanker for it. I mean I had to get real. Children after all ape their parents. Thankfully my preteenager who steps into his teens in a few months from now, has not shown much of interest in Facebook (to say, I am glad, would be an understatement). Facebook is a time sink, I would rather the boy played outside, than be online on the platform.

Last but not the least, nothing truly compensates for a real-life physical interaction. Nothing.  Personally, a phone call, however innocuous, brought much more joy and warmth, than a virtual hello.

Has it been a disappointing Facebook journey so far then?  No, I would not say that. I have chanced upon many pages of interest, I have been enlightened of many facets of people’s personalities (Facebook reveals a lot about a person) and interacted with a handful of virtual friends with whom it ‘seems’ that one is on the same page. It ‘seems’ though, one does not really know! 😉

I seem to be in a state of inertia-of-rest for the moment; I am waiting patiently for the moment to pass by, so that I can balance my virtual world with the real world. It is important, since one cannot stay in complete exclusion from the digital platform, especially more so if one wants to connect up with readers via one’s written word.

As Lord Krishna has said very succinctly, “ All things in this world change and pass away. Some after many years, some overnight.”


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2 Responses to Facebook? Ummm….naah

  1. reshamblr says:

    Another thought provoking post. Yeah, mindless fb ing all the time does eat away into our precious ‘me’ time and it does affect our reading, writing or other things which are very close to our heart; but at the same time it gives me a feeling of joie de vivre when I find I am in constant touch with people who are physically so so far away from me, yet who matter to me a lot. But, I completely agree to your point of view regarding fb addiction for the children. And yeah, nothing can beat a warm and cheerful personal hello. Very good post Nishi. Keep penning your deliberations 🙂

    • nishi01 says:

      thanks so much Resh, for reading and sharing your thoughts. I agree, the platform is a good place to remain connected with loved ones who are far away. Have a great weekend!

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