Nothing like a good glass of red wine!

Make that Red please!

Make that Red please!

I am no wine connoisseur, but recently I had the opportunity of having Sensi Collezione Sicilia Nero D’ Avola, the Italian wine from the stable of the Sensi family, winemakers since 1890.

Sensi Collezione Sicilia Nero D’ Avola

Sensi Collezione Sicilia Nero D’ Avola

I love my wine dry, robust and full-bodied. A sweet wine, until and unless it is a dessert wine, I am not particularly fond of; hence Sicilia Nero D’ Avola was perfect for my palate. I believe, it is very important to enjoy the wine, more important than sipping the ‘right’ one.

Sometimes the best way to unwind is with a good glass of red and an engrossing company, but if the company is not there, than an absorbing book is also a perfect accompaniment. 

The wine is a deep rich red; I presume it is because it has been made from black grapes (hence aptly called ‘Nero’) of Avola, apparently an important red wine varietal from Sicily (how do I know this? I looked up for this info obviously!).

Though dry, I could taste the sweet tannins and subtle favors of pepper and plums in it. Umm, small wonder that I drank a couple of glasses. Aha! And no hangover in the morning!

Yes, some wines give me a headache, even after having just half a glass, while some I am good even post downing a couple of glasses.

Very competitively priced, Sensi Collezione Sicilia Nero D’ Avola is a red one can indulge in often (now, ‘often’ is a very relative term, everyone’s standards of ‘often’ vary, you see!).

I always chill my red wine a wee bit. I take care not to chill it too much, since the serving temperature must be a max of 17 degrees (  50-55ºF or 10-16ºC; this info is all thanks to a few wine appreciation evenings that I have attended). Yes, I know what you must be thinking, is not red wine supposed to be served at room temparture? Yes it is, but in the Indian scenario, it needs to be chilled since our room temperature is way too high.

Good wine is supposed to be like bottled poetry, well, for the time being for me currently Sensi Collezione Sicilia Nero D’ Avola, makes the cut.

Who knows, I may not like it as much as I savor along, but till then, how about a glass of red and some conversations?

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