Thank you for the love and joy of motherhood

With mother’s Day just round the corner (May 12th), I have been meaning to pen a few emotions and thoughts which have been swarming in my head.

Mother’s Day starting holding greater significance ever since I became a mother myself. I seemed to change irrevocably as a person; my thoughts, my emotions, my reactions to situations were very different before and after the even. The event here being the birth of my child.

Uma Thurman’s following words perfectly resonate with how my world is now, “Before I had my child, I thought I knew all the boundaries of myself, that I understood the limits of my heart. It’s extraordinary to have all those limits thrown out, to realize your love is inexhaustible. “

Thank you for the love Copyrighted@ NR

Thank you for the love Copyrighted@ NR

It seemed just the other day that our child was born. It was very special day, like it is for most mothers. But for me it was more so, because my pregnancy post a very traumatic ectopic surgery was termed miraculous even by the very experienced gynecologist who was attending me.

The miscarriages, the subsequent smooth pregnancy and then the birth, taught me many a life lesson and sensitized me to life and my surroundings. My boy through his terrible tantrums during his terrible two’s taught me the skill of patience and the art of ignorance.

When as a baby he would cling to me always like a little bed bug all the time, I remember getting frustrated sometimes when I was even unable to visit the loo. I loved the slurpy little wet kisses and the constant cuddles. Oh yes, I did feel breathless many a times. At times, I just wanted to run away some place for some exclusive quiet me-time. As you can see, they were roller-coaster days.

The cuddles, the kisses are few and far between now and every conversation is interjected with …”Now” ? Can I do this after 10 minutes? And yes, this is the standard comment, no matter what I have to say! Welcome to teenage!

But, to be honest there are many beautiful moments and thoughtful gestures by my pre-teenager, who till yesterday always wanted to be carried around.

He is growing up and I can feel it with his gestures and reactions.  His laying the table when there is no help at home, his offer to pick up the heavy bags when ever we are travelling or shopping, his reprimands when he believes we are eating out too much (he loves to eat home cooked food), his concern for his ageing grandparents, his sense of worry when his dad is working too late, his calling up to find out when we will be back home etc.

As a mother, I hardly get a chance to pen down a note of appreciation for the immense joy, warmth, love and sense of empathy that my boy brings in my life.  Mother’s Day, I thought would be one such perfect day to do so. Now you know what made me pen this note down!


Thank you dear son for being born to us.  Thank you for giving me the joy of motherhood. Thank you for the love.

Dedicating some of my favorite lines from Bob Dylan’s Forever Young to you…

May God bless and keep you always

May your wishes all come true

May you grow up to be righteous

May you grow up to be true

May you always know the truth

And see the lights surrounding you

May you always be courageous

Stand upright and be strong…

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10 Responses to Thank you for the love and joy of motherhood

  1. You said my words Nishi…just what my cub does…and the best part is when he leaves in the morning…he brings his head down to me…as I still hold the privilege to kiss his forehead..the younger one is a different story…but again they are both my stories..:) very lovely post…:)

  2. madammommy says:

    Lovely post as always, Nishi.

  3. Simple & very beautiful Nishi..I especially liked the fact that you said it just like it is & didn’t need to complicate things..yes as mothers it is indeed a special feeling.

  4. taposhree says:

    Loved it, Nishi 🙂

  5. reshamblr says:

    Lovely post. Echoing Maitreyee’s words, loved it even more because of the simplicity and honesty of the post. Keep penning 🙂

  6. Rupa Raj says:

    A sweet, simple & heartwarming tribute to a wonderful boy, Keshab! Happy Mother’s day, Nish…you are truly one of the most wonderful moms that I’ve known. Loved your post & Keshu’s pic.

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