Lesbian? Sorry no employment here..

Yes, a household staff was removed from employment because, well she happened to be a lesbian.  Post the discovery of her sexual preference by the employer, the staff was asked to leave.  The fear that, what if she attacks/ makes advances on lady guests when they came home.

It is amazing to see homophobia in a well read and well–travelled person. I have always thought travel, exposure, reading let the mind grow; apparently it does not.

A good worker is relieved of services because she happens to be a lesbian, and this in a household, which could perhaps have understood her choices.  This recent incident left me with a realization.

I understood why so many chose to be in the closet; after all who wants additional problems in life? Having different life choices can itself be a challenge.

Why did the incident trouble me so? I don’t know why. I just thought being removed from services all because of one’s sexual preference was saddening. Here lesbianism was being equated as being not worthy-enough-to-work, that’s where it was most unfortunate.

In my limited understanding, homophobia is akin to racism, albeit not dependent on skin color, but on sexual preference.

Why did I pen this little incident; because I wanted to get this out of my mind. What better way, than to write about it?

In complete agreement with these words which I read ..

Gender preference does not define you. Your spirit defines you.


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4 Responses to Lesbian? Sorry no employment here..

  1. And we are supposed to be an advanced and enlightened species called ‘human’…can not still understand the human mind. This is down right ridiculous, of course ….Gender preference does not define you. Your spirit defines you.

    • nishi01 says:

      homophobia exists…and that’s a reality. …unfortunate fact. Thank u moon…and yes, so agree it is always the spirit of the person which defines an individual

  2. madammommy says:

    Sexual discrimination is same as racial discrimination, or caste segregation. No different. Deplorable. Degrees don’t mean anything. True education broadens the mind. Sets it free.

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