Satyanweshi; Bomkesh Bakshi comes to the screen once again~Movie Review

Satyanweshi; Bomkesh Bakshi comes to the screen once again.

Satyanweshi; Bomkesh Bakshi comes to the screen once again.

Satyanweshi, director Rituparno Ghosh’s last offering makes for a good watch. Satyanweshi is a complex story languidly told.  This Bomkesh Bakshi movie is certainly more verbose than the ones I have seen before. Based on Bengal’s well-known writer Sharadindu Bandopadhyay short story Choraabali, this movie does not come across as a traditional thriller, it is more a dark intense drama.

Director Sujoy Ghosh of Kahaani fame fitted his role as Bomkesh Bakshi to the T; the intellectual reticent gentleman, whose quick brains did all the solving and talking. Eye-candy Indraneil Sengupta as ‘Prince Himangshu’ was good; for a change he did not show his rippling well-tones muscles :P. Arpita Chatterjee as ‘Aloka’ ( Himangshu’s queen) was quite believable in her character too. Anindya Chatterjee as novelist Ajit was very endearing. Sibaji Bandyopadhyay as ‘Kaligati’ is someone who added the element of dark uneasy drama to the plot.

Essentially meant for the Bengali audience, Satyanweshi can also be watched by those who are not conversant with the language, since it comes with sub-titles. Take kids to the movie? Umm..personally I feel a little complex for young adults to understand; quite a bit of man-woman relationship undercurrents.

Thanks to PVR, one at least gets an opportunity to watch current Bengali movies outside Bengal. Would be great if they could have more shows though!

A glimpse of the movie here …


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