Listening without agreeing or disagreeing

Be 'fresh' and be in the moment...

Be ‘fresh’ and be in the moment…

Learn to listen without agreeing or disagreeing. This is meditation in conversation. ~ Nitya Shanti 

These words by Nitya Shanti, which I read today morning, left me spellbound. Obviously they had an impact, and that’s why I decided to share them on my blog post. Meditation in conversation? It has never occurred to me that it is possible.

What do the words really mean? do not participate at all? No he does not mean that. As Nitya Shanti explains.. this means to listen free and fresh in the moment. Not judging, measuring or comparing what is heard with past beliefs, experiences or expectations. And just ‘sensing’ what resonates and what doesn’t. And to further inquire with the person why it resonates and why it doesn’t, without navigating the conversation back to one’s own cherished perspectives. In this way every conversation is more fulfilling and potentially life changing. Because the truth is that life is always changing.

Be free and fresh in the moment…yes, henceforth, I will try and be that…why don’t you too?


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