Yes, Children Mirror their Parents

Children imitate what they see, especially more so when it happens to be parents. I have heard and read about this often enough, but I personally experienced…or rather should I say, suddenly realized the value of the words today.

While I was reading a few articles online, I noticed my pre-teenager quieter than usual in the next room. Decided to peek in. Was thrilled with the happy sight; he was deeply engrossed in one of the latest books he had bought. All concentration, in a different world all together.

My child has been a reader, though not as avid as I would like him to be. I urge him everyday to read a few pages in solitude before he calls it a day.

Please, can I read a wee bit longer?

Please, can I read a wee bit longer?

My everyday end-of-the-day routine includes reading a book, even if just a few pages.  Looks like the kid is finally warming up to what he sees…his utter concentration and his request to please let him read a wee bit longer, pleased me no end.

Apart from the book-reading realization, I had another one today.  The kid, does not watch TV at all; the cable wires have been disconnected for some time (a few months really), and till date the kid is not aware!

At home, none of us watch the TV anymore; there was a time the kid used to be engrossed with some of the TV programs (I have had to even ration TV-time once-upon-a-time) and now none at all! So, the saying that children mirror their parents absolutely holds true!

So parents/mothers who complain that the kid does not read enough, or watches too much TV, or eats too much junk food, my learning in life is…first ‘you’ (i.e. the parent here) stop doing so, and it is a matter of time, when the kid too will stop. Parents make powerful role-models.

Mitch Albom’s words hold perfectly true in the parent-child relationship.. “Pristine glass absorbs the prints of its handlers.”


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2 Responses to Yes, Children Mirror their Parents

  1. madammommy says:

    You are doing a fine job with that child of yours, Nishi. Kudos.

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