Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Book Review


Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson; read the Book!

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson; read the book to know more about the icon.

What can one possibly write as a review of a book that is already a bestseller and by an acclaimed writer like Isaacson? I am not even attempting to write one; just trying to share the kind of impact the book had on me. It was astounding.  550 plus pages, yet the book kept me hooked. Divided into various chapters, the book traces the life and times of the iconic Apple Industries founder, Steve Jobs.

The book is an absolute treat for those who find reading about human psychology interesting. Reading a book like this has been an utter pleasure due to the intense complex personality of Steve Jobs, which has been laid bare by Isaacson.

Yes, it is true, that the biographer was himself handpicked by Steve Jobs to write this book, but the book talks very candidly about the darker and the not-so-pretty aspects of the icon.

Read this book to know about Steve Jobs’ journey in making corporate history by creating the maximum number of instant millionaires when the company went public for the first time in 1980. And many more feats later on.

Apple changed the dynamics of many industries notably the personal computers and music. Our listening devices have changed forever, ever since the Ipod came into existence. No mean feat, for someone who believed that the customer does not know what he wants; since they were still unaware. A pioneer who did not believe in market research; he completely relied on his gifted intuitive skills.

It was his gifted intuitive, marketing and his reality distortion skills, which helped him creating products, which were game changers. For those who are yet to read the book, reality distortion is essentially believing in something against all odds to the extent that it seems foolish, naïve and utterly stupid.

While Steve’s reality distortion helped in creating some world-class products, he suffered personal losses because of it; especially not acknowledging his love-child, Lisa Nicole Brennan till the DNA test proved otherwise and his spreading pancreatic cancer. Had the intervention for his cancer happened earlier and had he loosened up on his very restrictive diet regime, who knows, he may still have been alive today.

Steve does not come across as such a wow guy in his personal life; he felt abandoned by his birth parents, took time to appreciate and reciprocate his foster parents, dumped his college sweetheart, Chrisann Brennan, when she said she was pregnant with his child; cut off one his buddies earlier Daniel Kottke who was there while the company was formed from the rich spoils of the company.  But I guess it was his darker uglier side that perhaps made him more human, more relatable? Would he not be perfect otherwise? Well, personally it made the book so much more intriguing and interesting.

The book will make you appreciate the fact that simplicity is indeed the ultimate sophistication; no wonder Apple products are plug and play. Very user friendly, even a child can operate them, no wonder the kids do! Apple products and the founder’s personality are inexplicably intertwined.

What made me read this humongous book? The movie ‘Jobs’! I quite liked the movie; I thought Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs was brilliant. I was intrigued to know why the movie was being internationally panned. Now, I perhaps understand. The movie, Jobs is a very small slice of the man, the icon. But then can a movie ever compare to a book? Naah. 571 pages vs 180 minutes in a theatre? How is it even possible?

Can a movie ever compare to a book? Naah. 571 pages vs 180 minutes in a theatre?

Can a movie ever compare to a book? Naah. 571 pages vs 180 minutes in a theatre?

If the size of the book puts you off, try reading some interesting chapters in the book; the chapters are not really inter-related. The different chapter headlines will offer insight as to which phase of Steve Jobs life is being talked about there.

I end off with one of Steve jobs quotes ~

You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life

Waiting for the book, ‘The Bite in the Apple’, by ex-lover of Steve Jobs, Chrisann Brennan. It sure will give a different perspective of the man, the icon. Book is due to release in 29th October 2013.


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