Gravity movie is one hell of a space ride!

Gravity the movie is one hell of a space ride. Don’t miss watching it on the BIG screen. Preferably if possible in IMAX 3D; it just brings it all so much more alive. You can either just watch a movie, or be in it..well, Gravity movie in IMAX will let you ‘be’ in it.

Not a sci-fi fiction lover? I am not too, but I simply loved this space thriller for its overpowering visual effects. The story line is weak, but it remains thrilling and stunning nevertheless. Immensely enjoyed the subtle background score by Steven Price. The music score adds to the drama for sure.

George Clooney has a short role; the movie truly belongs to Sandra Bullock. She is GOOD! Held my breath many times while watching the movie; yes, it was ‘that’ exciting.

Oh! By the way you better know how to swim well, I mean that is one important ‘life skill.’ Ha! Ha!  Confused, why I mention swimming in a space adventure? Watch Gravity and you will know why! 😀


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