Too positive? Too happy?!!

Just finished doing an interview with an incredible breast cancer survivor, who was diagnosed with cancer when she was pregnant with her 4th child. What is so incredible about her? Heidi Floyd is also referred to as

too positive a breast cancer patient!

Trust me, in the so many interviews and conversations I have had with so many cancer survivors, this is surely the first time I have heard that a cancer survivor is said to be too optimistic!

And there are again perfectly healthy blessed people who I have encountered in daily life, who always have a reason to complain about almost anything and everything. Strange indeed are the ways of the world.

So as soon as the interview goes live, I will share a few excerpts here in my blog of what was most profound and telling that I found in this interaction. Till then Cheerio! Laugh and smile often, for whoever heard that by being glum, life becomes more enjoyable?

Reminds me of something I heard a few days back ~

Happiness is a choice one can make. No matter what, no matter where, we can find it, if you look for it. 


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5 Responses to Too positive? Too happy?!!

  1. Puneet Sidhu says:

    I know of at least two others. One, a sibling we lost a few years ago, who taught us a thing or two about laughing in the face of adversity. The other, a friend who continues to do so. She has in fact penned down an inspiring account of her experience; Sunshine, by Minakshi Chaudhry.

  2. Arindam Saha says:

    Loved the last quote 🙂

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