The best support system were from friends I had never met!

I had mentioned in my previous post of how the last interview I conducted was different from those I had so far with any cancer survivor. Different? Sharing excerpts of the interview for better understanding..

Me: You are known as the cancer girl who is witty and optimistic. Now, that’s a unique and special introduction to someone suffering from cancer. What is it that keeps you so upbeat and cheerful?

Heidi: Is that not the most wonderful title?  I was laughing so hard when I was asked to give a keynote speech to a large audience once, after one of the selection committee had heard me speak previously.  She said ‘you are that cancer gal, so witty and optimistic!  We want you to be our speaker! Yes, I replied, few things are more entertaining than cancer!

Ever day, there is something good that happens.  In every situation, in every person, there are good elements.  I just like to take time and point out those good things.  Even in the midst of very hard situations, there is a silver lining.

Me: What advice/ suggestion would you like to share with readers who are currently battling breast cancer?

Heidi: FRIENDS.  Oh my goodness, friends.  Reach out to everyone you can, and let them help you.  And while this might sound odd, some of the best support system friends I’ve found are people I’ve never even been able to meet in person!

Oh!? Really? Friends one never met, were actually ‘better’ support systems? All this while I have harbored the belief that online friendships are and can never be as solid and strong as friends one meets and actually interacts with. Heidi’s words definitely made me  re-think.

To put it in a nut shell, the two most important life lessons I learnt post this interview are .. 1) Happiness is a state within ourselves; all one needs is to plunge into its depths, and no matter what the situation, one will be able to see the bright happy sparkles. 2) It is unfair to place more weight on physical relationships, than the online ones. It is about mentally connecting, is it not? Online friendships more often than not, are mental connections.

As the famous artist Pablo Picasso says .. ‘Everything you can imagine is real’ ~perfectly applies to happiness within and non-physical friendships, does it not?


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  1. Teja says:

    Awesome blog.

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