Love is…..What is Love?

Many a times I read something or see a graphic representation of an idea and I marvel at its simplicity and its effectiveness in communicating the thought across. The one I am sharing on my blog post today is one of them.

What is it about? It is about an aspect of life, which touches each and every living individual. It is about ‘Love’. Some souls, are not touched by it.. perhaps the following graphics would give you the answer why…

meaning of love

Love is …being vulnerable

Why love, I personally believe for any meaningful relationship to develop, one needs to open up. In the course of life one is bound to meet people, who will hurt, who will not be what we imagined them to be…but, why should that stop us from making new relationships right? Take the not so great interactions/ relationships as life lessons.. you will surely meet like-minded souls, if you will continue to be fill your soul with light.

To love at all, is to be vulnerable ~ C.S. Lewis


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4 Responses to Love is…..What is Love?

  1. arunima says:

    A resounding yes!!! I had once made a T shirt which said ” I am vulnerable” on the sleeves and Handle with Care at the back!

  2. Raakhee says:

    I loved reading your blog Nishi… First time here ! The way you’ve portrayed it, touches a chord somewhere !

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