Energy field~ Joy delights in joy

Bangalore's popular mode of transport, auto-rikshaws.

Bangalore’s popular mode of transport, auto-rikshaws.

Every city has a popular mode of transport, the ubiquitous black and yellow three-wheeler auto rickshaw is Bangalore’s most popular mode. The auto drivers are a much  maligned lot. There is many a reason for that of course; auto drivers charge more than the metered rate for distance ( especially for distances which are either very far or very close), refuse passengers with impunity and are downright rude.

So it was a real pleasure when I encountered a polite, courteous and honest auto-driver, the other day. As I walked down the street, I hailed down the empty auto. After telling him where I wanted to go, I asked the auto driver, what rate he would charge me for going there ( I presumed he would not go by the meter, since the place was close by). My face registered pleasant surprise and joy, when he said, he would go by the meter only! I said, “Wow” .. the pleasure on my face evident, which seemed to amuse the auto-driver.

I reached my destination quickly enough ( the place was close by as I mentioned before, and barely covered the base metered rate). On an impulse, I decided to add a small tip to the fare…and said, ‘Thank you’, as I alighted. Oh! it was such a delight to see the happy surprise on his face; he recovered quickly enough and thanked me back.

This simple exchange set the mood for the day; I seemed to be surrounded by positive energy the entire day.

For the sake of an argument one can ask, should not be metered fares and courtesy be the norm? Yes, of course, but unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world; both the good and the not-so-good inhabit the world. Also, it is a fact that regretfully because of a few bad apples, we paint the entire tribe with the same brush.

I believe the small innocuous interaction left a mark on my mind and day, because I seized the moment of positive energy and by extending my appreciation, I transferred the field to the auto-driver too. 

So agree with the following words….



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4 Responses to Energy field~ Joy delights in joy

  1. amritaspeaks says:

    This time in Kol I said “Thank you” to the autodriver while getting off. He initially looked surprised then said, “Welcome” with a grin. I realised in our daily struggles we sometimes become so “kharus” that we always approach everything with resistance. We stop seeing the good in other people and appreciating that.

    • nishi01 says:

      Absolutely Amrita. Also culturally, in India we are somehow not taught to say thank you. It is changing, but very gradual. The delight on faces, when they hear the simple word, is such a pleasure.

  2. madammommy says:

    Loved it, Nish. Words, they can truly make or break.

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