Love is..standing out in a pink tutu!

Love is different things to different people.

I am sharing here Bob Carey’s perspective love. What’s so special about Bob’s vision of love?

Well, it is special, for it is not everyday a husband dons a pink tutu and has himself clicked, just so that his wife can laugh and feel better while she goes for her chemotherapy! Not once, he clicked himself numerous times, in absurd poses, even braving the snow and awkward glances!

Check out the pictures below…don’t they make you smile?

The tutu project

The tutu project. Pics Courtesy: The Tutu Project


Braving the snow…in a tutu! A pink one at that!


 Love is standing out, in order to stand by her

Psst! Want to see more pictures of Bob in the pink tutu and laugh? Click on The Tutu Project here! Oh! you could even have a unique new year’s calendar with Bob’s pictures on it ( percentage of sales go to the Carey foundation, dedicated to women with breast cancer).


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