Dhoom 3 Loved it? I did! Why?

Surprised my self today; I immensely enjoyed watching the much-panned stupendous blockbuster Dhoom 3! Truth be told, I did not like the initial visuals of Dhoom 3 ; but watched it finally so late, because the movie has created history in terms of the monies made; I wanted to know why!

I was never the bike-racing-kinda-movie lover, but thoroughly enjoyed the oh-so-stylish-over-the-top bike racing, especially Aamir Khan’s BMW-bike. Oh! Man, never knew bikes could actually look so sexy!

What I liked about the movie: Great visuals, the bike-racing, even the CLEAN and silly jokes between the cops Jai Dikit and Ali Akbar (mark my emphasis on the word ‘clean’; a little tired of the sexual innuendos used in most Bollywood Hindi cinemas nowadays, so this was a refreshing change. Katrina Kaif; she dances like a dream. Fitted her role to the T; her boy-shorts could not have been shorter 😛 hee hee..Glad she did not look vulgar at all. Makes me want to hit the gym pronto and adopt a super healthy life-style… Katrina’s-gym toned look is WOW! How can, I not mention Aamir Khan? Dhoom 3 is his movie, a very different Aamir Khan here all right.

LOVED the twist in the movie…

The emotional underlying simple storyline of the dad and sons appealed to me a lot; my eyes pooled with a few unshed tears on seeing the last shot..

Liked the lyrics of songs ‘Tu hi Junoon’, ‘Kamli’ and loved the oft used words..

Bande Hain Hum Uske 
Hum Pe Kiska Zor
 Ummedon Ke Suraj
Nikle Charon Aur

Irade Hain Fauladi
 Himate Har Kadam
 Apne Haathon Kismat Likhne
Aaj Chale Hain Hum

What was blah for me: Aamir pixie ears 😉 also the man tends to look short in many frames..sort of takes off the fun of a gangsta movie ( at least for me). Oh well, he is short…I know! Aamir is great in the movie, through truth be told the best Dhoom gangster so far, personally for me is the recently single Hritik Roshan! Disliked the visual of Aamir Khan dancing bare-chested…naah, this not his forte!

Watch it? Oh sure go ahead (On BIG screen)! It is a fun movie; take a huge tub of popcorn, and enjoy the ride; just don’t overthink. Sometimes we need a movie like this, just to have some lighthearted fun. Watch it with a girlfriend/s, kids or a partner who is willing not to get too obsessive about the correctness of the logic of the script and the power of the sexy BMW bikes! 


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