Mauni Amavasya~Jan30~ Day of Silence

I read something really interesting today; tomorrow, i.e. January 30th 2014, happens to be ‘Mauni Amavasya’. The Hindi word ‘mauni’ means ‘silence’, while the word ‘amavasya’ means a ‘moonless night’. So in other words, tomorrow as per Hindu mythology, is a day dedicated to silence. In lay man terms that would mean, well not speaking to anyone at all! But if one is at work or in a profession where talking is an essential part of work, an entire day of silence is difficult, but, one could may be take half and hour out and keep quiet? That’s doable, right?

Now, if you are wondering, why on earth you need to be silent, when you have so much to say :), well all I can say is silence is known to be as effective as endlessly talking sometimes; no wonder it is said, ‘Silence is golden’!

I can tell you from experience that silence is very calming; it helps to collect one’s thoughts, become more mindful of the world around. Guess that’s the reason why most wellness retreats and spiritual places have silent mediation rooms. Reminds me of my one hour spent in silent mediation inside the ‘Matrimandir’ (the golden metallic sphere) at Pondicherry; it was enriching and rejuvenating. If you happen to be in Pondicherry, this is an experience you must try and have ( just remember to take a booking at Matrimandir for meditation). 

Silence is an art which needs to be practiced, for it takes time to calm the thought waves. it is worth a try. Why not give it a shot tomorrow?

See how nature, trees, flowers, grass, grows in silence;the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence.We need silence to be able to touch souls ~ Mother Teresa 

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2 Responses to Mauni Amavasya~Jan30~ Day of Silence

  1. girlwordly says:

    Agree. Silence enriches and calms. 🙂

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