An unexpected beautiful surprise ..


The day began like any other normal day..well almost. Breakfast was over, and as I was about to settle in into my work, post all the other family members had left home in their different pursuits, the door bell suddenly rang again. I wondered aloud who could have come home unannounced at this hour.

As soon as the front door opened, all I could see was this huge bunch of red roses! Oh! What a delightful sight it was..14th February became not just another day, but became a very special one, forever etched in memory.

It was the thought and effort, which I realized the husband had to make on a working day, which touched me the most. The flowers and gesture made the morning vibrant and gloriously red.

Thank you…is what a surprised and delighted me could manage to say at the moment. But has not someone very rightly said, ‘Love is gratitude‘? So yes, Thank you once again..for making me smile wider..


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4 Responses to An unexpected beautiful surprise ..

  1. juliecrombe says:

    Beautiful flowers and great surprise! 😉

  2. madammommy says:

    Such beautiful gesture so beautifully expressed!

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