Highway a great ride by Imtiaz Ali ~Movie review

Highway, director Imtiaz Ali’s latest, is surely one of his best. Sufi, languid, free-spirited, picturesque, unusual, sensitive and romantic are some of the words that come to my mind, reminiscing about the movie.

You know what’s the best part about Highway, apart from its not-the-usual-storyline? Alia Bhatt! She surprises and delights with her craft. I am surprised, because honestly did not think she had it in her to pull off a movie completely on her shoulders! This movie is Alia Bhatt all along the way!

Randeep Hooda, as the brooding, complex, kidnapper is perfectly cast; he is convincing. But in spite of a great performance, it is Alia who one remembers when one leaves the movie hall. No wonder, daddy Mahesh Bhatt has said, that Highway is Alia’s, ‘Arth’.

Is ‘Highway’ a love story? Yes, an unusual one, with shades of ‘Stockholm syndrome’ and sexual abuse. Though it is so much more than a love-story; watch it and you will know why.

Shot extensively in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir, the movie showcases the stunning natural beauty of hills in the North. The songs are lyrical and stay with you; music director A R Rehman does it again! ‘Patakha Guddi’ by Nooran Sisters is a favorite and Heera by Shweta Pandit are on a loop. Liked all the songs actually!

If you are a person in a hurry, and like a lot of high-pitched drama, then this Highway is not for you! It would be a miss, though.

Highway is a big-screen watch, if you truly want to feel and experience the movie. Thank you Imtiaz Ali, for making a movie like Highway.


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