Bangalore Shopping! OMO..

Hi there! It been some time since I wrote something; oh well, I go through these phases! Some of you who drop by, will get to read some of my musings a little more in the coming days! Ha! Ha! As you can see, I am in a mood to write and share!

Writing about shopping today. In the city of Bangalore. Now, for those who are unaware, Bangalore happens to be situated in the Southern state of India, and well, is also famously known as the Silicon Valley of the country; coz of the presence of a large / maximum number of technology companies. The city has boomed. So apart from the usual traditional and western fare ( saris, Indian dresses, jeans, skrts, et all), one gets a lot of International brands and some, very niche brands. O.M.O ( On My Own) happens to be one such brand.

What is so special about OMO? Well, I love the brand, hence writing about it. It is not the usual large factory produced stuff, it is niche, and it is a nice mix of Indian and western silhouettes. Essentially OMO is known for its Indo-western wear. Also most of their stuff is in natural fabrics, like cotton/silk/tussar. So if one is looking for fish skirts, short frills, quirky yet clean cut tops, palazzo pants, kurtis in natural fabrics, then OMO is the brand to look out for! OMO is essentially a brand from Mumbai (Bombay) and has been there for many years. OMO now retails in namma Bengalooru too. I have always thought the brand suited Bangalore’s sensibilities; casual, fun, young and natural.

So if you happen to be in Bangalore and like apparel which is a little different and made from natural weaves and fabric, then check out OMO. The brand retails at Ambara in Ulsoor, a small shopping alcove in the heart of the central business / residential area of the city.

For shoppers who would like to know more about  the place…check out the details in the picture below..


 Life is too short to wear boring clothes! 


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