Europe; White Asparagus a must eat!

Spring is in the air, then can ‘White asparagus’ be far behind? Honestly, till I travelled this year to Continental Europe in spring-time, I never realized or appreciated its worth. I am a fan now; No wonder I am writing a post on it!

White Asparagus, a delicacy in spring time in Europe

White Asparagus, a delicacy in spring time in Europe

A dear friend, insisted I should try this seasonal variety of the asparagus ( also known as edible-ivory), since it was in season. Available only during the spring months, the white variety takes more effort to cultivate, are succulent and have a gentler flavor, compared to the readily available green asparagus.

White asparagus along with Hollandaise sauce

White asparagus along with Hollandaise sauce, such a delight to have!

Traditionally served along with potatoes and hollandaise sauce, this dish can be a complete meal and is very filling. Not just that, asparagus is very healthy too! Double benefits then; great taste and good health. The traditional recipe of white-asparagus is a perfect dish for pure-vegetarians ( who do not have any form of meat/fish/eggs at all) who are exploring/ traveling to Continental Europe (Germany, Prague, Austria, Switzerland, France, etc.)

While in the continent, I tried various versions of serving of the white asparagus; I particularly liked it being served with some grilled salmon. Since the white-asparagus is only seasonally there on the menu, don’t give it a miss!

Ahaa, but there is a caveat, which I must warn first-time eaters of asparagus! On eating asparagus, the urine gets a particularly disagreeable odour. Yes, it is, ahem, not pleasant at all 😀

There is no sincerer love, than the love of food ~ Bernard Shaw


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