List of Incompletes ~Nithya Shanti

Sharing Nithya Shanti’s post on my blog post, since his words made so much sense and they resonated. Sharing them here instead of saving them somewhere else for a future read, because one never knows may be they would resonate with a few readers who drop by at my blog here?

It has been sometime since I penned my own words, I will be back soon! Till then …

List of Incompletes ~Nithya Shanti 

A few years ago I made a list of “Incompletes”, i.e. all the things which I had begun and committed to and not completed. It was a pretty long list and felt quite overwhelming. Still, writing it was a revelation and a catharsis of sorts. I made an intention to tie up the lose ends, complete what I could and let go of all the rest.

Part of this process involved un-cluttering. I began cleaning up, clearing up and giving things away. My email inbox went from 6,000 mails to less than 25 on average. I simplified my wardrobe to the most essential items that I actually wore regularly. I began giving away a lot of my books that I hadn’t read for years, no longer resonated with or needed.

I once went to a party with suitcase full of books and invited all the guests to take what they wanted – with one condition – they had to tell me why they selected the books they did before leaving. This led to beautiful conversations with many new people and also ensured that they weren’t adding to their clutter by mindlessly taking things without knowing why.

Along the way this powerful quote by Nisargadatta Maharaj inspired me, “The steady resistance to the unnecessary is the secret of success”.

To me this meant learning to say “No” more. I began reducing the number of projects I was involved in and also lovingly declining projects that others wanted me to be involved in by recommending names of others who I felt might be more suited for them. This felt lovely all around. I felt strong because I was being true to my values and inner being. The friends I recommended appreciated it because they got new opportunities as a result.

Last night as I was reflecting I realized I now had no significant incompletes remaining in my life. I was amazed and astounded how the power of intention had brought me to this place of being – light, clear and committed to only that which was most important, significant and true for me. I felt deeply grateful.

May this example inspire a few others to simplify their lives and live free from physical, emotional and mental clutter and to live a life free from the burden of over-commitment.

This is not usually something that happens overnight. It a journey of reflection, healing and letting go, and it can start today.

For those who would like to know more about Nithya Shanti…click on his website.. Here


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  1. amritaspeaks says:

    Hi Nishi,
    There is a blog hop thing happening where i write and then pass on the baton. In my case I want to pass it on you if you are interested to continue the process. It’s something like this

    Please email me at we can take it up from there.

    Hope you are doing great.


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