My experiment with white-table-sugar….

 My experiments with white-table-sugar

My experiments with white-table-sugar

One fine day I decided to bid adieu to white-table-sugar completely from my diet. So any sugar that I get now is from natural resources, like fruits and dry-fruits. And nope no sugar supplements at all.

Actually this decision happened not too long back, just a few weeks back; On 29th August 2014.

Why did I suddenly take this drastic decision? It was radical because I have had a major sweet-tooth; a sweet-meat everyday was almost a must for me. I used to get a withdrawal symptom if I did not have a sweet, or at least so I thought. I would get a headache!

Ok back to why I took the decision of no-white-table-sugar. Few personal-documented-stories of how no-white-sugar-diet actually made people feel way more active and less lethargic. Also, importantly I was not enjoying the sweet sugar taste as much as I used to enjoy before; many a times I would end up feeling uncomfortable, almost sick.

Has it been difficult? Surprisingly no! I have always enjoyed good Darjeeling-tea sans any sugar and milk, I just have it like that everyday now. Earlier I would put in a dash-of-milk and ½ tea-spoon of sugar, now I put none. The tea-flavors are much sharper and I get to relish the champagne-hue in my see-through-cup way better.  Even the coffee sans any sugar, tasted much better.

I have always liked dark-choclate, so sometimes I have popped in a small bit …that’s been my cheat till now.

Any downsides? Yes! I am unable to eat sweet pastries, cakes, sweet-meats. I feel physically sick; I feel like throwing up.

Upsides any? Numerous: Here go…

  • More energetic; less lethargic
  • No headaches!
  • Calmer ..yes, emotionally calmer
  • Less almost no acid-reflux in the stomach. My digestion seems to have improved. I feel so much lighter during the day.

Challenges ahead: With the major Indian festive season just few weeks from now, it would be a challenge saying no to the traditional mithai ( sweet-meats) which is offered on every occasion as a celebration. Will cross the bridge when it comes 🙂 Till now my journey of  no-white-table-sugar has been great. I have never felt better. Glad to have taken the sudden decision.

On a lighter note, I think I am sweet enough, so makes sense for me to go less on sugar !


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