Not me alone in the no-sugar journey! Part -2

Surprisingly, my ‘no-external-sugar-to-the-diet’ journey is going quite well. No sugar cravings, so it is easier for me to ignore the sugar-laden dessert section, when I am eating out. Yeah, I can now safely say after about 2-months on this journey that I will be able to stick to this long-term.

Do I never feel like something sweet? But of course I do. It is natural, I guess. But whenever I have tried to say have a sweet or a cake, I have disliked the sticky sweetness which fills my mouth. Also since the palate is not used to such high doses of fructose, I tend to feel sick when ever I have attempted to have it.   So then what do I do? I pop few dates or raisins, or even have a spoonful of natural honey ..and voila I feel satiated.

As I heard someone say, “Sugar is not evil, but life is so much better without it”.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I am not alone in my journey of no-sugar. There is even a movie made on ‘Sugar’! THAT SUGAR FILM is coming to  cinemas in March 2015 – it promises to change the way we think about ‘healthy’ food! The movie is one man’s journey to discover the bitter truth about sugar. Guess who is starring in it?  Damon Gameau, the Australian television and film actor who has appeared in numerous Australian movies and also in the US series How I Met Your Mother. 

Hopefully ‘THAT SUGAR FILM’, will get a wider world-wide release, so that a lot more people can see it, and hopefully see the truth?

The trailer of THAT SUGAR FILM…


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