Discovering the Buddha in me….

It has been some time since I wrote. But I had to write today. It was an eventful day today in a very special way, since I truly understood Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Zen Buddhist teacher and poet’s following words……

You are a Buddha, and so is everyone else. I didn’t make that up. It was the Buddha himself who said so. He said that all beings had the potential to become awakened… Mindfulness and enlightenment are one. Enlightenment leads to mindfulness and mindfulness leads to enlightenment.

A unique not-so-pleasent- first-of-its-kind- incident triggered this deep understanding of Thich Nhat Hanh words. My reaction and how I finally dealt with it…made me realize that there is a Buddha in me too; a great learning for me as one gets ready to bid 2014 adieu.

So the next time you encounter a situation which is not-what-you expected/ rude/ or unhappy…let the feelings of hurt, anger, bewilderment wash over you. Don’t suppress; savor and feel the strong emotions, focus on them. Trust me, it is a matter of time ( can be a few hours/ or days) when the not-so-great- feeling will diminish and then finally disappear. The calm post that which descends on one’s consciousness is very deep, refreshing and cathartic.

Discovered the Buddha in me ...

Discovered the Buddha in me …


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