No-Sugar journey part-3

Well, it been a while since I have been on the no-sugar journey ( 3months plus). As in no artificial-white- sugar, no table sugar and almost negligible intake of cakes, cookies and shop-manufactured-Indian sweets.

Journey so far: Great. Surprisingly no sugar-craving post a meal ( which was a habit with me, previously). A spoon of non-industrail-honey ( read organic / or honey from smaller traditional apiaries) on days when I feel like something sweet, satiates completely. Sometimes a small cube of dark-chocolate.

Taste buds: Sharper taste for sure; I can spot sugar even in very small quantities if put in a dish ( some Indian preparations have the requirement).

Best after-effects:

  • Gradual weight-loss. Weight which had plateaued for several years gradually slid off..melted away; without doing too much really.
  • More energy; yes, that’s true! Sugar giving energy is a BAD myth; it does not. Have it in the natural form via fresh-fruits, dry fruits, honey.
  • Better skin…yes, this came as a surprise.
  • Better digestion.
  • Hardly any PMS !
  • Calmer.. ha! Just the other day I discovered the Buddha in me 😉

Everyday simple tips which worked for me:

  •  Home-cooked meals, mostly made the traditional way. ( which means fresh ingredients; no previously canned/ paste/ pureed stuff)
  • Simple exercise; currently yoga 3-days a week for just an hour.
  • I eat everything, including the much maligned white-rice and regular toned milk and full cream yogurt; and hey I have still managed to shave off the plateaued pounds! The food satiates, and that is why I do not have hunger cravings. Portion control is of course important.
  • Be consistent ( No binging)
  • Last but not the least, with Christmas round the corner, I am indulging in a glass of wine occasionally and enjoying it the most!

Try the no-sugar-journey; it is fun!  Your body and soul will thank you for it. Yes, you can take my word for that; having experienced it myself.

Golden words … completely agree..

There’s a huge emotional component to weight loss.


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One Response to No-Sugar journey part-3

  1. madammommy says:

    I try to moderate the sugar intake. I like to take sugar in my coffee so I have started taking brown sugar instead of the white, refined kind. Good for you Nishi!! You go, girl.

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