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My yoga life..

How did I fall into the yoga radar? Well it was always subliminally there when I as growing up, since my father was and is still into his daily practice of yoga. Did I take to the practice when younger? … Continue reading

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Sindoor Khela…. women camaraderie … where strangers become well-wishers ..

Part of Debi Boron/ Durga Boron is the popular and much loved ritual of ‘sindoor khela’ (Play with kumkum) at the end of Durga Puja. Post applying Durga and her consorts with sindoor, ladies apply it to each other and … Continue reading

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Durga Boron… till we meet again ..adieu ..

Durga Boron: One of the most-loved part of Durga Pujo, personally for me; bidding adieu to Durga with the promise that she will return again, to remind mere mortals like me that yes, it is possible to slay the demons within …  This is … Continue reading

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Cathedral of Florence ~ Brunelleschi’s best architectural delight

Florence; there is so much to see and experience in this city. If one was to pick up two main attractions, they would surely be Michelangelo’s David and the famous Cathedral of Florence, also popularly known as Brunelleschi’s Dome or Cattedrale di Santa Maria … Continue reading

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Michelangelo’s David ~The World’s Most Admired Male Nude

Yes, it has been a long hiatus, since I wrote here. What better way to begin writing, than by penning down my admiration for Michelangelo’s David at Florence. The man, I could not take my eyes off! No trip to Florence … Continue reading

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No-Sugar journey part-3

Well, it been a while since I have been on the no-sugar journey ( 3months plus). As in no artificial-white- sugar, no table sugar and almost negligible intake of cakes, cookies and shop-manufactured-Indian sweets. Journey so far: Great. Surprisingly no … Continue reading

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Discovering the Buddha in me….

It has been some time since I wrote. But I had to write today. It was an eventful day today in a very special way, since I truly understood Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Zen Buddhist teacher and poet’s following words…… You are a Buddha, … Continue reading

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Not me alone in the no-sugar journey! Part -2

Surprisingly, my ‘no-external-sugar-to-the-diet’ journey is going quite well. No sugar cravings, so it is easier for me to ignore the sugar-laden dessert section, when I am eating out. Yeah, I can now safely say after about 2-months on this journey … Continue reading

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Growing up …fast..

A mother always thinks she knows her child, or at least she ‘thinks’ she knows her child. I am no exception to the case. My teen surprised me the other day. I realized that I did not know how fast … Continue reading

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My experiment with white-table-sugar….

One fine day I decided to bid adieu to white-table-sugar completely from my diet. So any sugar that I get now is from natural resources, like fruits and dry-fruits. And nope no sugar supplements at all. Actually this decision happened not … Continue reading

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