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Sindoor Khela…. women camaraderie … where strangers become well-wishers ..

Part of Debi Boron/ Durga Boron is the popular and much loved ritual of ‘sindoor khela’ (Play with kumkum) at the end of Durga Puja. Post applying Durga and her consorts with sindoor, ladies apply it to each other and … Continue reading

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Durga Boron… till we meet again ..adieu ..

Durga Boron: One of the most-loved part of Durga Pujo, personally for me; bidding adieu to Durga with the promise that she will return again, to remind mere mortals like me that yes, it is possible to slay the demons within …  This is … Continue reading

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Bidding adieu to Durga; a woozy warm feeling

As per legend goddess Durga comes to visit her parents just for four days and leaves on the fourth day, which is celebrated as Vijaya Dashmi all over the country. In Kolkata, to be precise wherever Durga is worshipped, she … Continue reading

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