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An unexpected beautiful surprise ..

The day began like any other normal day..well almost. Breakfast was over, and as I was about to settle in into my work, post all the other family members had left home in their different pursuits, the door bell suddenly … Continue reading

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Happiness is…discovering Yiruma

The Boy: You must listen to the ‘ A River Flows in You’… Me: Ok. The Boy: Opens up YouTube..and plays Yiruma’s  ‘A River Flows in you’ Me: I am mesmerized. Happy. The piano notes speak a language which touch … Continue reading

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Happiness Count…do you keep one?

Happiness count, do you do that? Now, if you are wondering what on earth is ‘Happiness Count’, well it is nothing but counting your happy moments! Ever since I started doing the ‘Happiness Count’, I have realized life gives me … Continue reading

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Happiness is….

Happiness is a perfectly brewed cup of Darjeeling tea, with the warm mellow winter sun as company..

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Too positive? Too happy?!!

Just finished doing an interview with an incredible breast cancer survivor, who was diagnosed with cancer when she was pregnant with her 4th child. What is so incredible about her? Heidi Floyd is also referred to as too positive a … Continue reading

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Being Judgmental

In this age of instant likes and connections happening at the click of a button, are we not, too quick to call a person a friend? Aren’t’ we being judgmental? The term judgmental has a negative feeling to it, hence, … Continue reading

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In the sweetness of friendship, let there be laughter

Surprises are not necessarily always happy, but this one was.  Imagine, suddenly being given a bunch of beautiful red blooms; post a wonderful tête à tête session. It happened to me the other day; and it took my breath away. … Continue reading

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