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Glimpses of Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengalooru as it is known now, has been home for quite a few years now. A sleepy old pensioners paradise, which was more a retirees gateway than a place for the young yuppies, saw it fortunes change ever … Continue reading

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Mirror Fast

  A recent article, about a new trending phenomenon called ‘mirror fast’, took me back to my growing up years. I clearly remember, my mother actively having discouraged me to look into the mirror, unless and until it was absolutely … Continue reading

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Delhi in A Day …watch it!

Prashant Nair’s debut movie ‘Delhi in A Day’ is a must watch, especially for those cinemagoers who like movies which are different and do not pander to the usual song-dance-romance routine. A dark comedy, it makes one laugh and squirm. … Continue reading

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A day in Bangkok

We spent a day in Bangkok, post returning from Hua Hin. Though, it was not my first visit to the Thai capital, I was still enthralled to visit it once again. Contrary to what a lot of people think, the … Continue reading

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Hua Hin photo travelouge

Hua Hin via photos: in continuation to my earlier more verbose post.   This trip made me realize that silence has a language of its own. One can listen to silence and learn from it.  “As happens sometimes, a moment … Continue reading

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Hua Hin sojourn

Hua Hin is a name I had not heard of, till I heard my husband talk about his weeklong conference being held there. To satiate my curiosity, I did, what most people do when they are looking for information: Googled! … Continue reading

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