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Feeling the presence of Shakti @ Durga Puja @ Kolkata

Durga Puja in Calcutta (or Kolkata as it is known now) has been captured and portrayed very romantically and beautifully in many a popular Bollywood movie, not to mention vernacular movies. In fact I would go as far as to … Continue reading

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The call of the East

   This is a great time of the year to be in India.  Most parts of the country, particularly North India, Eastern India and many parts of South and Western India are already in throes of festivities, especially those celebrating … Continue reading

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Finding joy

Aha! Now where does one find joy? I unexpectedly experienced the purity of the emotion, when I suddenly spotted the roses blooming in my small terrace garden. Oh! But how come I had missed them earlier..? That is because they … Continue reading

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Being Judgmental

In this age of instant likes and connections happening at the click of a button, are we not, too quick to call a person a friend? Aren’t’ we being judgmental? The term judgmental has a negative feeling to it, hence, … Continue reading

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If it is masala tea your heart craves, then try some at Chaipatty Tea Café, Bangalore

Even though, personally I like lightly brewed Darjeeling tea, preferably black, sans any milk and sugar, there are days when I wish for some Masala Tea or ‘Chai’ (as it is commonly known across India).  Such a dichotomy in tastes, … Continue reading

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Pass me some Chamomile tea please

Infused with the flavors of the Chamomile flower, Chamomile tea is my favorite drink; when I need to unwind and relax, post a long day. Since it is an herbal tea infusion, with very delicate and light flavors, it is … Continue reading

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You suck!

Oh, yes, that’s what I was told recently!  Though, perhaps, not in so many words, but it meant and conveyed the same message nevertheless.  Truth be told, I was not exactly over the moon, a reaction which I thought was … Continue reading

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